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Our Philosophy and History

Elliot Reinfeld has long been an advocate for the green way of life. In early 2000, he decided to make a career change and enter the world of green building. Armed with a decade of knowledge and LEED® AP designations in BD + C and ND, he opened this firm in 2004.

His views on sustainability are based on the idea of keeping nature in balance. There are reasons for the trees, there are reasons for the sun, and there are reasons for all things occurring in nature. He believes that it is his job to impart that information to owner's and operators of buildings, schools, and homes in order to preserve the balance.

 Our Typical Customer Is:

• An Architect designing a sustainable or LEED® project
• A Building Developer cultivating a new project utilizing the latest green
• A Real Estate Developer planning a sustainable or LEED® project

• A Building Operator converting an existing building to meet LEED®
(EBOM) standards or sustainable practices
• A Business Owner interested in reducing their carbon footprint and
  saving costs
• A Utility or Government Agency creating incentive programs for energy
  efficiency, renewable energy, or educational outreach.

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